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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous April 2, 2024

Mahmoud*, a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, had been homeless for months in Greece when he came across Blossom Hill Fellow Michael Kientzle Mobil Info Team (MIT) at a local food distribution. Initially distrustful of organizations, he slowly began trusting the team and disclosed that he had left the unaccompanied minors shelter where he was staying. Without support, he had lost all contact regarding his asylum claim. MIT discovered he had been selected for relocation to another European country, but the program was terminated due to his absence. After much effort, MIT convinced the authorities to accept this last relocation request for him to go to Portugal. He has now been successfully relocated and in a stable environment with support there, grateful that he trusted the caseworkers. Listen to Michael as he recounts this case.

*name changed to protect his identity