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About the Blossom Hill Fellowship

The Blossom Hill Foundation is pleased to announce the 2024 Blossom Hill Foundation Fellowship.

Click here for details regarding the Fellowship Program criteria.

Please email your pitch video a maximum of 2 minutes to:

Please submit the completed application with headshot, letters of recommendation, and fiscal sponsor documents here

All those interested in applying for the 2024 Blossom Hill Fellowship Program can fill the online application. Completed applications will be due no later than Friday, March 29, 2024. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Thank you for your commitment to pursuing innovative and bold ideas for changing the future of conflict-affected children.

Good luck!

Blossom Hill Fellowship Application

Blossom Hill seeks passionate, committed individuals with innovative ideas about how to improve the lives of war-affected children from the Middle East. We are looking for ambitious candidates who: 

  • Demonstrate an ability to succeed and commitment to social change
  • Present bold, innovative and viable approaches that address an authentic need and have potential for exponential impact
  • Are accessible, responsive, articulate, proactive, and take initiative to further expand their reach



Overview of Candidates

Strong CANDIDATES possess two core values:

Personal Integrity – a potential fellow…

  • Is empathetic and compassionate toward others
  • Has leadership experience or potential (passionate, trained, loyal, dedicated)
  • Has confronted adverse circumstances and demonstrated resilience
  • Shows a sense of purpose for the common good

Commitment to Social Change – a potential fellow… 

  • Has a proven track record of genuine commitment to the cause he/she proposes and/or other social causes (work, study and/or personal experience with the proposed plan and/or community)
  • Shows interest in changing the status quo and/or is knowledgeable of those who have done so, serving as models and inspiration 
  • Has a collaborative spirit in order to broaden reach, particularly by involving those in need and aiming to empower them

Strong IDEAS show three key characteristics:

Demonstrated Need – a strong idea…

  • Articulates an authentic need that if addressed can make positive change in the community
  • Shows clear evidence of the need and likelihood for success of the proposed approach based on knowledge of the community

Innovation – a strong idea…

  • Is creative and bold, presenting a novel approach to a social problem serving a population in need 
  • Employs critical thinking and in-depth analysis to alleviate social need
  • Recognizes the appropriate tools for community outreach, awareness, education, and action 

Impact – a strong idea…

  • Is a thoughtful plan with specific, measurable, realistic goals and benchmarks
  • Welcomes input and feedback in order to refine and improve the approach
  • Aims to continue, expand or replicate what is proven effective

Overview of Proposal

Blossom Hill Fellowships are awarded for the pursuit of one of three types of innovative projects: a novel project, sustainable program or impactful product. Based on performance, fellowships may be renewed on a yearly basis. 

Example: Syrian refugee children are at risk of falling behind in their education due to displacement and lack of access to schools or informal education. Their literacy skills – the ability to read and understand what they are reading – is critical to their future. Create a mobile app that boosts their literacy skills independent of teacher supervision. 



Thank you for your interest in the Blossom Hill Fellowship Program. Before applying to Blossom Hill, all applicants are required to send a pitch video. The pitch video (limited to two minutes) is your “Shark Tank” moment – you are in front of four investors making your best pitch for why they should fund you.

The steering committee will then review your pitch video and if approved, will invite you to submit an application.

Please read through the application carefully before completing it. Kindly ensure that you have answered all the questions. All applicants must complete an online registration form before submitting your application. If applying as a team, both applicants must complete the online registration form, as well as the candidate profile portion below.

All attachments must be submitted on the application as PDFs. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Thank you!

Fellowship Application Checklist

  • Completed online registration form
  • Emailed pitch video (2 min)
  • Completed candidate profile for each applicant (Section 1) and proposal (Section 2)
  • Headshot (photo in high resolution jpeg format with a minimum of 300 ppi)
  • All attachments are in PDF format
  • Attached two (2) letters of recommendation per applicant
  • Attached required fiscal sponsor documents:
    • 501(c)(3) determination letter
    • Board of Directors
    • Most recent financial audit
    • List of major supporters