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Healing Through Creative Writing 🌺

Blossom Hill Fellow Rami Khader’s Makan Center in Bethlehem recently initiated a 20-hour creative writing workshop for children impacted by conflict. The goal? Provide a safe space to express fears, hopes & ideas through the therapeutic power of words. Initially hesitant, the children slowly opened up in our supportive environment. It was remarkable to witness their emotions flow freely onto the page. Even difficult feelings were approached with optimism, birthing creative, hopeful solutions.

The workshop culminated in an open mic, where caregivers celebrated the children’s vulnerability and progress. Seeing the healing impact of creativity was profoundly moving. With 10 participants aged 8-12, this pilot planted seeds for expansion to refugee camps in Bethlehem and Hebron. Our vision? Offer more children affected by conflict the chance to begin healing through writing.

Words can be powerful medicine for young minds haunted by war. Join us in nurturing their resilience!

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