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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous April 1, 2024

From an artsy kid fiddling with tech to aspiring to transform Sudan’s digital future!

Dana, 18, was born in Jordan to Sudanese parents who fled their country due to conflict but her heart yearned for her ancestral home. Her childhood passions? Curiosity, creativity and all things technology.

“I wondered how I could merge my love for tech and design. Then I found @Recoded’s bootcamp in full stack web development – it was my bridge to turn dreams into reality, intertwining tech skills with creativity.” Recoded is run by Blossom Hill Fellows Alexandra Clare and Marcello Bonatto.

In just 6 months, she fast-tracked skills that would’ve taken a year. “My dreams felt achievable, no longer impossible.”

Now pursuing an AI degree, Dana envisions using her expertise to reshape Sudan’s digital landscape & foster an economy that can heal its past. From playing with gadgets as a kid to aspiring to code her homeland’s future – that’s #PassionToProgress!


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