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Rosy Nimroody-Jacobs, Deputy Director

Rosy Nimroody-Jacobs, worked as a Communications Specialist in Resource Development at Save the Children in Fairfield, CT for the last six years. Her proposals and reports secured funding from corporate donors, foundations, and individual philanthropist for both development and emergency programs. She was responsible for covering several emergencies including the Syrian refugee crisis in the Middle East and the Ebola and hunger crisis in Africa. She was previously a project associate at the World Policy Institute and project director at the Council on Economic Priorities, both in NYC, where she directed studies on the impact of defense spending on the US economy, international nuclear non-proliferation treaties, and corporate responsibility issues. In addition to numerous published articles, public speaking engagements, and advocacy work on Capitol Hill, she was also the lead writer and editor of Star Wars: The Economic Fallout (a published book on the economic implications of building a ballistic defense system). She was also a foreign correspondent for the Journal of Commerce and a freelance journalist based in Italy. Rosy is a graduate of Boston University with a major in journalism and a minor in political science, and has a MA from New York University in International Relations. A native of Iran, Rosy immigrated to the US where she sought political asylum after the Islamic revolution. She has various degrees of fluency in several languages including Farsi, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish.

Helen Ramos Paiz, Program Associate

Helen Ramos is a native of Guatemala, a country marked by violence from a 36-year civil war that ended in 1996. As a teenager, she was forced to leave her home town to pursue better educational opportunities in the city of Quetzaltenango. She finished her undergraduate degree in Accounting at Universidad Rafael Landivar, and then moved with her husband to Guatemala City where she worked for the National Superintendency of Tax Administration.

In 2003, Helen and her family moved to the U.S. where she decided to pursue her calling to help people in need. Helen has a Master's degree in Public Administration from Fairfield University. Her Master's thesis entitled “Targeting Strategies of Nongovernmental Organizations in Guatemala” is currently under review for publication. Her findings aim to help NGOs to improve their strategies to target households with the highest levels of need. Helen has collaborated with nonprofit organizations such as CIRI and The Center for Family Justice. She joined Blossom Hill Foundation in 2017.