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Application FAQ

Blossom Hill Foundation Application FAQ

what is the length of the pitch video?

The pitch video (limited to two minutes) is your “Shark Tank” moment – you are in front of four investors making your best pitch for why they should fund you. Email your pitch video to Upon review by the steering committee, applicants whose projects have been approved will be invited to formally apply.

Does the fellowship have to respond to the needs of children and youth in the Middle East?

The goal of the program is to reach children and youth from the Middle East, wherever they may be — in the Middle East and elsewhere. Many have been displaced across the globe including Europe, Australia, Canada and the US.

Do applicants have to be from the Middle East region?

No, applicants can come from anywhere in the world so long as they have an innovative idea that can positively impact the lives of children from the Middle East.

Can a company that an applicant is affiliated with apply to the Fellowship?

Blossom Hill funds Fellows. However, applicants could implement their program under a company or non-profit organization and be the responsible party for carrying it through.

Is there an age requirement to apply?

Blossom Hill welcomes applications from all age groups. We believe an innovative idea can come from any range applicants – what we look for the most is quality of the idea and commitment and passion of the potential Fellow.

How many co-applicants are eligible for one fellowship?

We consider up to two applicants per fellowship application – excluding any mentors or advisors that the applicant(s) may have. If two are applying, please specify the role of each in the fellowship. Each applicant will need to submit their own letters of recommendation.

Does Blossom Hill consider innovative ideas that have already been started but need additional funding to pilot for further testing?

Yes, Blossom Hill does consider applications for products, programs or projects that are still in the initial phase of testing and piloting. This includes testing and piloting in new geographic areas or expansion of areas.

What is a Fiscal Sponsor and how do I go about getting one for my fellowship?

A Fiscal Sponsor must be a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Fiscal sponsors will be required to agree to manage and disburse funds to the fellow according to the terms of the project. If you have difficulties locating a Fiscal Sponsor, please contact us.

If you do not have a Fiscal Sponsor, please reach out to the following potential sponsors with a request:

What is a thought partner?

Blossom Hill assigns every Fellow a thought partner, a professional versed in the issues being addressed by the Fellow. The thought partner acts as a mentor —  someone with whom the Fellow can discuss details of progress and challenges in implementing the fellowship program.

Is the Fellowship a full-time commitment?

While we expect dedication and commitment from our Fellows, we suggest the applicant consider their time management if they are juggling an already full-time job or attending universities in addition to the Fellowship. Fellows are expected to do regular check-ins with Blossom Hill program management, as well as meet their qualitative and quantitative goals.

Is the Fellowship renewable for a second year?

Yes, Blossom Hill Fellowships are renewable on a yearly basis. Fellows who demonstrate significant impact in the community and who comply with Fellowship requirements may be eligible to re-apply at nine (9) months for additional funding.

What happens after Year 2? Does Blossom Hill help Fellows sustain programs?

Blossom Hill is dedicated to improving the lives of war-affected children and communities from the Middle East and with two years of funding, the idea has generally gotten off the ground with a proven track record. Part of being a Blossom Hill Fellow means using this time period to gain other funders and become an established organization with long-term sustainability.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for pitch video is January 17, 2022.

The application will open on February 1, 2021 and must be receive March 31, 2022.

Whom may I reach out to for assistance regarding the fellowship application?

If you have any questions, please email our Deputy Director, Rosy Nimroody at:

Can the applicant include a stipend for herself as part of the budget?

Yes. Applicants may include a stipend for themselves if they are part of the staffing budget for the Fellowship.

Are there any budgetary restrictions?

Travel expenses to the program site (e.g. flight from New York to Turkey) by Fellows should not exceed 20% of the Fellowship budget.

Does the applicant have to be on the ground full-time to be eligible for a Fellowship?

No, applicants do not need to be on the ground full-time to implement their Fellowship but it is common and often necessary to travel to the program site for supervision.

Can the applicant accept funding from other sources to implement their Fellowship idea in addition to Blossom Hill?

Yes, applicants may reach out to other potential supporters for their Fellowship ideas.

What age group does the Fellowship have to benefit?

BH’s mission is to reach children ages 0-24 years of age.