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Schisto refugee camp, located in Athens, is a temporary home to refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Blossom Hill Fellow Dimitra Raftopoulou has launched a music program for children at the camp where they can learn to play the violin, viola, or trumpet. Kaidar and Aaisha,13-year-old refugees from Syria and Afghanistan respectively, are two of the students.

Initially, Kaidar expressed his desire to play football, but after a few months of attending violin classes, he now aspires to become a maestro. Meanwhile, Aaisha is attending the viola classes and is a very committed student. She was provided with a viola to study at home and since then she enters the classroom with a big smile on her face. Witnessing this transformation firsthand is incredibly rewarding as it highlights the profound impact that music can have in shaping positive paths in the lives of refugee children.

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