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Islam Al-Ra’i’s story is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of resilience and support systems. At just 16 years, Islam, a resident of Al-arroub Camp, endured a traumatic 3-month detention that left him with deep psychological and social scars. However, with the help of Blossom Hill Fellow Rami Kader’s Makan psychosocial program, he was able to transform this experience into remarkable success.

The family counseling sessions provided essential support and guidance to Islam’s mother and family, helping to mitigate the impact of his detention on their mental health. They worked together to prepare for his return home, ensuring that he would receive the best possible care and support. After his release, Islam continued to receive psychosocial counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and training from Makan’s counselors.

Despite his initial fears and anxieties, his determination and resilience shone through. He underwent a vocational assessment and enrolled in a training program in electrical installations where he excelled and displayed a natural aptitude for the field. Today, Islam is thriving with good mental health and a newfound sense of stability. Through his perseverance and hard work, he is on the path to building a successful career.