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Helen Ramos Education March 28, 2023

Hands-on science is a surefire way to connect with every child. Blossom Hill Fellows Erika Gillette and Katerina Tsikalak are doing just that! Through their interactive science kits and training workshops for teachers of refugee students in Greece, they are helping overcome language barriers and teach science in a fun and meaningful way. The science kits engage, excite, and educate students through various experiments, and in the process, nurture budding scientists. They are being used by a number of local NGOs in Greece.

Recently, toy cars from one of the science kits went down the ramp in Andravida, Peloponnese, thanks to Nikos, a teacher at SOLIDARITYNOW! Nikos organized his class of boys and girls from Iraq and Syria into groups. Each team member had a different role: setting up the experiment, testing the car, and recording the observations. The teams rotated between different workstations and tested the toy cars, studying how the slope of the ramp affects their movement.

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