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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous July 21, 2022

Science Camp with Blossom Hill

Dear Blossom Hill Family, 

Blossom Hill has partnered with Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) to provide a science summer camp for 80 Afghan refugees and immigrants right here in New Haven, CT. The camp, which is still ongoing, uses the science curriculum created by our Fellow Erika Gillette for children between the ages of 4 and 13.

The children engaged in activities to learn about principles of magnetism and electricity through circuit testing, and principles of force and motion by experimenting with a balloon hovercraft and pom-pom catapult. Erika and I spent a few hours with them and were thrilled at their excitement in learning these science concepts. Their energy and enthusiasm were palpable and their determination to succeed was inspiring.

For these Afghan children who have been displaced from their home country less than a year ago, the opportunity to engage with other children and learn about science not only brings normalcy into their lives but a chance to be children again and just have some fun. We are grateful to IRIS for this partnership and look forward to collaborating on many more projects together.

Our programs would not be possible or sustainable without your support. It is your compassion and commitment to our cause that makes our work possible. 

Thank you!

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