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Helen Ramos Job Training August 3, 2023

When Bahishta was 9 years old, her family left their village due to severe droughts and safety concerns and moved to the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. With her father earning low wages that barely covered basic expenses, managing the education of his children seemed like an impossible challenge. However, when Bahishta turned 13, she found a glimmer of hope through Blossom Hill Fellow Rahmatullah Hamraz’s IDP Girls’ Empowerment Program. Joining the program, she set out to improve her reading, writing, and numeracy skills while mastering the art of tailoring.

Today, Bahishta’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Thriving in the program, she now not only possesses valuable tailoring skills but also devotes her time to teaching her younger siblings how to read and write. She proudly shares, “I have a schedule, I do my own study and practice sewing, I work with my siblings, and I also help my mom with housework.”

Grateful for the opportunity to learn tailoring, Bahishta is eager to start her own home-based business, aiming to support her family and fund her and her siblings’ education. Her passion goes beyond her personal goals; she dreams of continuing her education and establishing a literacy program for other illiterate children. Compassionate and determined, she emphasizes, “I feel very bad for those who do not have an opportunity to get an education. Most of them work in the streets, and some of them turn to using and selling drugs; this is very frustrating.”

Bahishta’s journey reflects the power of education and the resilience of young minds determined to create a better future. Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, the program has empowered more than 300 girls and young women. Over 2,000 girls are waitlisted to join.

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