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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous June 29, 2023

Meet Soha, a resilient 6-year-old Syrian refugee student attending the Zeedu sessions led by Blossom Hill Fellow Amin Marei at a Montessori school in Egypt. Engrossed in a numeracy learning activity, Soha is actively exploring the world of hundreds and thousands using cubes. With enthusiasm, she constructs structures using hundreds cubes and skillfully connects them with corresponding digit cards. Through this hands-on approach, she demonstrates her grasp of place value and showcases her ability to bridge the gap between concrete materials, like cubes, and abstract numerical concepts. Soha’s progress in the program is truly remarkable, and she continues to thrive in her educational journey.

Soha said: “I’m so grateful for our Zeedu sessions! I’ve learned that each cube represents a hundred, and when we stack them, we can create thousands. If I wasn’t a part of this program, I think understanding these big numbers would have been really hard. Being here has made math so much more fun and easier to understand. I feel proud of what I’ve learned, and I’m excited to keep exploring new concepts.”


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