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Helen Ramos Education June 8, 2023

Fatima is one of the girls who graduated from Blossom Hil Fellow Maryam Montague’s Soar Empowerment program in northern Syria. Her family was greatly affected by the war and they had to move to another city to find safety. Because of the many changes accompanying the move, this time turned out particularly challenging for Fatima who lost interest in things and did not trust those around her.

After joining Project Soar, she received the help and support of her peers and of one particular facilitator, Dima. Dima accompanied her, step by step, to learn how to take better care of herself, learn to trust others again and come back to a healthier and brighter state of mind.

Her mother talks about the positive impact of the project on her daughter’s well-being: “Opportunities for adolescents to participate in programs that contribute to their personal development and help them build relationships with peers are rare. The Soar Program provided a valuable chance for the girls to enhance their communication skills and foster connections with others.”


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