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Helen Ramos Technology May 4, 2023

War and persecution have severe effects on family life, often separating them for many years. Because of the war in Syria, Khaled and Ahmed were separated from their mother for four years. Their mother, Alaa, made it to Germany but suffered mental health issues due to the serious circumstances the boys were facing as unaccompanied minors in Syria, living under very hard conditions and enduring much stress.

Blossom Hill Fellow Michael Kientzle’s Mobile Info Team stepped in to assist Alaa to navigate a very complex family reunification case. After a difficult legal struggle, both boys were issued visas and traveled to Germany to join their mother. They are now restarting a united family life and looking forward to a better future.


May be an image of text that says '" "I thank you with all my heart for the support you have given me. You also support me morally. Whenever I communicate with you, I feel that I have the strength and confidence that I have lost in myself. I thank God for your presence."- Alaa'