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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous October 18, 2022

Students at Blossom Hill Fellows Alexandra Clare and Marcello Bonatto’s coding bootcamps are well into their courses and loving it! Here is what Siham Khanji, 23, UX/UI Design student from Lebanon has to say:

“After 3 months of learning and exploring, I am so excited to put all lessons into practice and build my first UX/UI project. We’ve practiced our lessons through Dlab and assignments, yet now things are different; we are going through the whole process
with a real-life scenario, which makes it a challenging experience.

During the capstone kick-off, we received the requirements, met our team members, and we
directly started with a brainstorming session to know our team better, understand the problem,
and start thinking about a solution. This will be the first project in our portfolio, and we will make
it rock! I am very excited about the end results of this capstone project not only to see what we -as a
team- can do but also I am excited to see other teams’ projects.”

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