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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous July 13, 2020

We want children everywhere to be scientists and writers, entrepreneurs and educators. But before they do all that, they start with the basics….the alphabet! This week’s success story features 4-year-old, Bissan, who is a part of the Montessori program, an Early Childhood Center in South Azraq, Jordan. When Bissan started in the Montessori program, she didn’t like learning English at all. When the teachers would call her to a table for an English-focused activity, she would try to ignore them. But now, after engaging with letter blocks and English activities, she loves English and comes to the teachers independently to show them her progress. She now knows the whole English alphabet and numbers!

As the first early childhood center to open in the town of Azraq, Jordan, the Montessori program has used innovation in childhood development to transform the education of refugee children’s lives. Support Blossom Hill to help fund initiatives like these…and swipe to hear Bissa say her “ABC’s!”

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