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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous June 30, 2020

Art heals. Blossom Hill recognizes the importance of creative projects to help refugee children empower themselves, especially during the isolating time of COVID-19. This is why we helped fund the Puppetry Project in Turkey, a drama therapy workshop that helps children express themselves and work through their trauma.

One of the children that Blossom Hill impacted was Ahmed, who escaped the war in Syria and has a speech impediment and learning disability. In the beginning, Ahmed was closed-off from others, not even speaking for the first 4 months. But the Puppet Theater Project allowed Ahmed to find his voice. He went from hiding behind his puppet to participating in activities with the other children, radiating pride and self-confidence. With the help of Blossom Hill, Ahmed was able to open up and express himself through the universal language of art.

The Puppetry Project had to make significant changes after COVID-19, but it continues to provide a light for children like Ahmed in the darkness and loneliness of quarantine, as children put on their own puppet shows from home. Help support programs like these by donating to the Blossom Hill Foundation to empower even more children like Ahmed.

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