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Helen Ramos Job Training February 20, 2024

Meet Nazia, 15, who moved from northern Afghanistan to Kabul with her family seeking opportunity. With 7 family members and limited income, life was incredibly difficult. To gain livelihood skills, Nazia enrolled in our Literacy and Tailoring program.

Through the program, Nazia not only improved her reading, writing and sewing abilities – she found community. She shares: “I want to help support my family with these skills after I graduate in 2 months. My goal is to open a home business, help my siblings with school, and give back however I can.” Nazia is eager to start this new chapter. She beams, “This program is outstanding…we learned so much, made friends, and built a community.”

Stories like Nazia’s inspire us to empower more young women with pathways to literacy and livelihoods. With dedication and opportunity, they can uplift themselves and their families.