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Helen Ramos Child Development January 4, 2024

Meet 7-year-old Mubashir, a patient at Blossom Hill’s health clinic near Kabul. When Mubashir arrived with a sore throat, our doctors treated him while learning about his past surgery for a congenital heart defect. The life-saving operation left his family in debt, making ongoing care unaffordable.

Today, Mubashir’s mother Sharifa is grateful her son can receive free medical treatment through our clinic. Too many Afghan families face impossible choices between healthcare and other necessities. Quality care should be accessible for all children.

Stories like that of Mubashir inspire our mission. By providing vital services to vulnerable youth in places like Afghanistan, we empower the next generation. With continued support, we can help more children grow up healthy and fulfill their beautiful potential. Our team sees Mubashir’s smile and we see the future shining brightly!