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Helen Ramos Technology May 11, 2023

Hala Al Arid, 23, is a Palestinian refugee living in south Lebanon. Life in the refugee camp is hard and opportunities are very limited. When she graduated from high school, she decided to study computer science at a local university. And at 20 years old, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

She interviewed for jobs but felt extremely lost – her university education felt like a drop in the ocean compared to the vast sea of knowledge out there. She was about to give up when she came across Blossom Hill Fellows Alexandra Clare and Marcello Bonatto’s coding bootcamps. She was accepted to the Frontend Web Development bootcamp and then everything opened up for her.

She said: “My 5-month journey in the bootcamp was filled with knowledge, information, and experiences that helped me launch my career. I am so glad that such opportunities are available to refugees such as myself. After graduating from the bootcamp, my self-esteem improved and I became more confident about applying for jobs. I am currently working as a freelance developer. It’s only a small step towards reaching my goal, but it wouldn’t have been possible without this opportunity.”


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