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Breaking the silence on menstruation can have a huge impact on women’s health and hygiene. Blossom Hill Fellow Sultana Amani is working with her SAVE team on the ground in Afghanistan to lead the way by speaking openly about menstrual experiences, challenging attitudes and beliefs, and promoting positive attitudes toward menstruation. Through education and distribution of reusable menstrual Blossom Pads, she is empowering women in various communities to take charge of their menstrual health.

To achieve this goal, SAVE team providers tirelessly go door to door to educate girls and women about menstrual cycles, symptoms, and hygiene practices. By spreading awareness and sharing knowledge, they break down the barriers to menstrual health and hygiene. And by providing reusable menstrual pads, they ensure women have access to adequate menstrual products to reduce the risk of health problems and missed work.