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Helen Ramos Education February 9, 2023

Students enrolled in Blossom Hill Fellow George Batah’s college coaching program are realizing their wildest dreams! For Jad, Meriana, and Rima, it has opened a pathway to a future that seemed all but impossible in war-torn Syria where they are currently based.

Jad was accepted to Brown University. Outside of his many hours spent in the program, he was a Rise finalist and participated in multiple global youth leadership training programs.

Meriana was accepted to New York University with a full scholarship and is looking forward to studying physics and computer science. She has written and illustrated a children’s book, and participated in international physics competitions, ballroom dances, and so much more.

Rima was accepted to Bowdoin College after participating over two years in both the prep and one-year college coaching programs. She founded a newspaper club, teaches, blogs, and so much more.

We’re excited to see where the next steps of their academic journeys take them.

Congratulations to all!