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Helen Ramos Miscellaneous January 13, 2023

Dear Blossom Hill family,

News from Afghanistan has been especially grim lately as the Taliban tighten their rules that further restrict women from participating in civil society. The only education allowed in the country now is at religious madrasas (schools) through grade 6 where women are also allowed to teach. However, women are no longer allowed to work except in the health sector.

While this has been distressing to our Fellows and their beneficiaries, they continue to implement their programs successfully. Meanwhile, two of our former Fellows, Ahmed Wali Rostami and Furogh Mirdad, are creating a new life for themselves in Lisbon, Portugal, after enduring a very difficult year in challenging conditions and still in anguish over their ongoing separation from family members and the reversal of decades of progress in Afghanistan.

Here is what our Fellows are saying: