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Michael Kientzle

At the height of the refugee crisis in 2016, Michael Kientzle left his career as an actor in Germany, packed his bags, and moved to Greece. He didn't know what he would find when he arrived or what he would be doing, but he felt compelled to help those fleeing danger. Michael wanted to demonstrate the best qualities of his native continent by welcoming those who would now call it home: resourcefulness, compassion, civic engagement. After working in the informal structure of Idomeni, Michael identified asylum seekers' growing need for accessible and reliable information, especially as an antidote to the maelstrom of rumors circulating through Northern Greece. To such an end, Michael founded Mobile Info Team (MIT) to provide vital information, clarification, and assistance in the most relevant languages (Arabic, English, Persian, Urdu, Sorani and French) for the full duration of their user’s asylum procedure and beyond.