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Aziza and Mursal Akrami

When Mursal was three years old, she was severely infected with diarrhea and also suffered from malnutrition. Her mother who grew up in a village did not know how to manage diarrhea at home. At the same time, they were going through a time when the war in Afghanistan was raging and there was no clinic, doctor, or health center available near their region. Her mother lost hope for any recovery. Accidentally, one night when Mursal was very sick and her mother was asleep, she drank a bottle of water that was near her bed. The next day, her mother noticed the bottle was empty and Mursal looked better. She continued giving her more water and feeding her soup, and with time, she recovered from diarrhea. She called this a miracle that saved Mursal's life.

But not every child is that lucky. When Mursal worked as a coordinator and Aziza as a translator for foreign doctors in a number of out-patient health clinics, they discovered that many patients were children suffering from malnutrition, diarrhea, fever, and very primary children's diseases. Most of the clinics were located in poor-residential regions of Kabul province, and the majority of the children's parents were very poor and internally displaced. They were unable to afford a doctor's visit or medicine and health centers were unavailable for children. In addition, the parents had little knowledge of home remedies, just like Mursal's mother. This experience solidified Mursal's and Aziza's vision to create a special health center for children to save their lives from treatable diseases. As Blossom Hill Fellows, this will be their first chance to pursue this goal and embrace their vision that a healthy child builds a healthy society.