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Helen Ramos Technology July 27, 2020

SUCCESS STORY: In the virtual world we live in, having an advanced knowledge of computers is particularly helpful. That’s why Blossom Hill funds the Re:Coded bootcamps in Yemen and Turkey, which teach refugee youth how to code and allows them to follow their technological dreams. Today’s success story is about Mohamed, a handicapped student in Yemen who developed his coding skills with Re:Coded.

Mohamed first held a computer when he was five years old. It was an old computer with a 8GB hard disk, but to Mohamed, it was magical. He played with it, learning to assemble and disassemble the device. Eventually, his family sold the computer, but that didn’t stymie Mohamed’s love for computers. He scoured the Internet to learn more about programming, to figure out how games were created and who created them. And that’s where Re:Coded came in. Mohamed heard about Re:Coded from a friend, and his decision was one that would transform his life. Other bootcamp students have noted that what ultimately makes Re:Coded so powerful is that it is “focused more on the practical aspect of learning than on the theoretical aspect. Studying here teaches you how to teach yourself.” Mohamed learned how to teach himself, and before graduating from the bootcamp last March, created his own website, and is more prepared than ever to work in this virtual world. Congratulations, Mohamed!

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